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The complete context dictionary for given environment 💫.

This library contain a key-value map of the requested context, accessing the objects with their real paths such as "Object.getPrototypeOf". All the contexts include only a variables that are unique for this environment and can't recreate again manually. For Example, the PI number 3.141592653589793 is not a unique variable but the function Math.sin is unique and therefore will be available under the path "Math.sin".


npm install remote-environment


// Load the requested environment 
const context = require('remote-environment/es6');

// Access the environment objects
context['Object']; // equals to `Object`
context['Math.sin']; // equals to `Math.sin`
context['Promise.resolve']; // equals to `Promise.resolve`
context['Function.prototype']; // equals to `Function.prototype`

Supported Environments

Remote-environment is currently supporting only limited number of environment contexts. To use an environment you should require it explicitly:

const context = require('remote-environment/ENV_NAME');

When ENV_NAME is the required environment name.

Name Status Description
es6 UNSTABLE An ES6 context. This environment consider unstable and may change over the versions.

API Reference

This module is a part of the remote-lib library.

Here is the relevant documentation for this module:

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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.