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Creates a virtual context that can hold values with given references 💫.

Reference-context allows you to lookup values on the context, get the number of references or values currently on the context and even assign a new unique reference to a given value.

This library is the core context of the libraries remote-lib and remote-context.


npm install reference-context


const ReferenceContext = require('reference-context');

class Foo {}
const foo = new Foo();

const parent = new ReferenceContext({ Object });
const referenceContext = new ReferenceContext({ foo }, parent);

parent.count; // 1
referenceContext.count; // 2
referenceContext.ownCount; // 1

referenceContext.has('Object'); // true
referenceContext.hasOwnReference('Object'); // false
referenceContext.hasOwnReference('foo'); // true

referenceContext.exists(Object); // true
referenceContext.own(Object); // false

referenceContext.get('Object'); // Object
referenceContext.get('foo'); // foo

referenceContext.lookup(Object); // "Object"
referenceContext.lookup(foo); // "foo"

API Reference

This module is a part of the remote-lib library.

Here is the relevant documentation for this module:

© 2017 Moshe Simantov

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.